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Please note that I Only Post Faucets / BTC Program those I have tested before, not Only Posting My Ref link here. If some info have changed please contact me to repair or remove it from the list.

Here I have found some good Faucet with Auto Withdraw for you:

1. HitBTC 21 sats / 0 min - 50 Claims / Day - 20% Ref Bonus - Payout Rate Change Frequently - FaucetHub Auto Withdraw.

2. HighSpeedBTC 15-60 sats / 10 min - Unlimited Claims / Day + EXTRA BONUS per 15 Claims - 20% Ref Bonus [This is not Instant, Claim Collect Balance System, but you Can Withdraw Anytime with Any-Amount you Want to FaucetHub]

3. ForthTradeBTC 11-1,000 sats/ 10 min - 20% Reff - FaucetHub Auto Withdraw. (Recomended)

4. (Problem with Captcha) ZombieMineBTC 15 sats/ 5 min - Unlimited Claims (Max 500 sats) - 20% Reff - FaucetHub Auto Withdraw.

5. OpnCode - 10 (100.8%), 100 (0.1%), 1000 (< 0.1%) satoshi every 60 minutes - Auto Withdraw FaucetHub - 100% Refferal Earning. This site have HUB02, so you don't need to wait, Claim to next page.

6. StormBTC - 20 sats/60min - 10% Reff - Check the Balance First.

7. FaucetAdsBTC - 10 (98.9%), 20 (1.5%), 100 (0.5%) satoshi every 5 minutes - 2 Daily Claim - 25% Reff - BIG Balance Faucet.

8. I've Just tried a CryptoBTC - PTC Program Gave me 25 sats per Click - 35% Reff - Balance System - Manual Withdraw to FaucetHub min 100 sats.

9. TreasureBitBTC - 30 satoshi every 5 minutes - 60 Daily Claim - 10% Reff.

10. Have you tried SwiftMiner? This is another unique way to start earning Bitcoin, this place is where we can mine via browser with highest Hashrate sharing, get daily bonus, attract visitors of our site to donate mining with their power and it also have a shortlink system for getting hash from your clickers. You can see the Shortlink in Action Here, I set it up only 256 Hash, but you can make more than that, as much as you want it ;).

If you have your own Power like CPU or GPU with using NVidia 1060, You can mine Your self with other coin, but not BTC. The only way to get BTC is by ASIC MINER, forget about mining BTC with your Device. Serious miner can make coins by self mining, I suggest you check MinerGate website. This site will teach you how about mining process and you can calculate what the things to do in the future.

If you don't have Power or want to Buy a Mining Rigs, it's better to try the performance first, never buy something you don't know how it works. So, the solution to try them all, just follow this site and select what kind of Rigs you want to try. You can connect to someone who rent his/her rigs for hourly.

It's a simple way to learn, there're instructions how to connect your online rigs to the Mining Pool Website.

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